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Bobo Moreno Song Passions

Christians Kirke , København K

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This is your chance to hear the unique Danish singer Bobo Moreno and his amazing “Song Passions” band as they play their only concert during the Winter Jazz Festival at the beautiful and historical venue Christians Church at Christianshavn, Copenhagen.
Bobo Moreno has never sung better and Steen Hansen has arranged fresh new songs for the occasion! Together with their unique band, they offer a brand new take on immortal standards from jazz and pop by Thad Jones, Burt Bacharach, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Rod Stewart and Lennon / McCartney.


Since the late 1980s, Bobo Moreno has been singing his way into the hearts of music lovers around the country.
Moreno is first and foremost known for being a singer with a capital S and one of Denmark's finest at that. What has made the peculiar name Bobo Moreno world famous in Denmark is, simply put, his ability to excite any audience with his versatile voice. Thro...

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Line up:
  • Bobo Moreno -vocal, Dorthe Zielke - trumpet, Steen Hansen - trombone, Søren Bebe - Piano, Lisbeth Diers - percussion, Kasper tagel - bass

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