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Dungen performing "Ta Det Lugnt" (SE) – few tickets left

Loppen , København K

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Listening to “Ta Det Lugnt” (trans. “Take It Easy”) is one of the most rejuvenating musical vitamin shots you’ll find. The album, released to international acclaim in 2004, was Dungen’s third, and managed to spread like wildfire to a stunned audience – both in sun-deprived Scandinavia and in sunburned reaches in Australia and the US. During Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2019, the festival audience will be able to administer their own dose of auditive vitamin D, when Dungen performs “Ta Det Lugnt” in its entirety at Loppen on Saturday, July 13. The anniversary performance is presented by Copenhagen Jazz Festival and Smash!Bang!Pow!

The story behind the Swedish psych-band Dungen, established in 1999, is first and foremost the story of multi-instrumentalist, composer and lead singer Gustav Ejstes. As the band’s main driving force – Ejstes plays most of the instruments on Dungen’s studio records and has produced and mixed the majority of them as well – h...

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