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Jazz Thursday v Mr. Andersons Big band

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Mr. Andersson Bigband saw the light of day in 2015 for the Copenhagen Jazz Festival. Jesper Andersson has composed and arranged the music for this big band and with a team of skilled musicians from the circle of friends it is not only original and wonderful bigband music you get from here, but also great love, warmth and humor.

Line up:
  • Marianne Eriksen: altsax
  • Adrian Knudesn: altsax
  • Søren Larsen: tenorsax
  • Sine Lise Christensen: tenorsax
  • Rasmus Welling: barytonsax
  • Jens Norrild: trompet
  • Randi Holum: trompet
  • Carsten Lauridsen: trompet
  • Jette Sejerslev: trompet
  • Kai Sattler: trombone
  • Anders Ustrup: trombone
  • Søren Kjær Larsen: trombone
  • Thomas Bruun Olsen: trombone
  • Niels Andersson: klaver
  • Lars Holm: bas
  • Gert Østergaard Petersen: trommer
  • Jesper Andersson: dirigent

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