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Samantha-antoinette & Mattias Nilsson (UK/S)

Free admission

Afternoon Jazz Chill Out in Byhaven with soulful blues and gospel performed by the British vocalist Samantha-antoinette and one of Sweden's best young piano players, Mattias Nilsson.

Always charming vocalist Samantha-antoinette has been singing gospel, soul, blues and pop music for over 30 years and her beautiful, warm and powerful voice has taken her all over the world as background singer for bands like Depeche Mode and Jamiroquai.

“Whether he plays Swedish folk music, classical music, pop, hymns or jazz is brilliant and elegant and, not least, sensitive both in grants and phrasing”. This is the words about Mattias Nilsson written by the well-known jazz magazine, Orkesterjournalen.

Byhaven is the perfect hang out spot during Fringe Jazz Fest with the most cosy open air stage, great stuff in the bar and always free concerts. If you are feeling hungry, the kitchen of Byhaven, Restaurant Uformel, will provide you with homemade New Orleans...

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Line up:
  • Samantha-antoinette (vcl), Mattias Nilsson (p)

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