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Ill Considered (UK) + DJ: Dust Masta Hiss

Ill Considered are a band comprising four musicians breaking all the rules, creating new compositions in the moment - No planning, no talking between takes, no idea what music will be made or where the session is going to take them, just a couple of hours snatched at an incredible London studio and a finished product that is wild, outrageously energetic, touching, subtly dynamic, and surprisingly coherent. Super tight as if it’s been rehearsed and perfected over many months, many of the tracks feel thoroughly thought-out and considered - ironically given the band’s chosen name. Wonky, mad, intense vibes at the cutting edge of contemporary UK improvised music. On July 11, Ill Considered get their Copenhagen debut – presented by Loppen and Copenhagen Jazz Festival as part of a new concert series with progressive, beat-driven jazz.

Line up:
  • Idris Rahman on sax, Leon Brichard on bass, Emre Ramazanoglu on drums, Tamar Osborn on sax

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