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Nadah El Shazly (EG)

Egyptian singer and composer Nadah El Shazly is one of the leading voices of Cairo’s contemporary experimental scene which also features such artists like Maurice Louca’s Elephantine Band and Dwarfs of East Agouza. Nadah El Shazly began her career in the Egyptian punk scene, but soon began experimenting with electronics.

Her dazzling solo debut ‘Ahwar’ (2017) was hailed by The Wire as one of the best albums of the year, and it’s highly original mix of Arabic roots, experimental rock, visionary jazz and contemporary electronics has led people to draw comparisons to such artists as Björk and Annette Peacock.

She has already played at several significant festivals and now she is ready for ALICE and Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2019 where she will perform with her trio. Expect a mix of otherworldly vocals, jazzy improvisations and mesmerizing electronic soundscapes.

Line up:
  • Nadah El Shazly (Vocals, keyboard, electronics)
  • Konrad Agnas (Drums)
  • Karl Mauritz Agnas (Upright Bass)

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