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Carl Winther Quartet

Free admission

Have performed with the following artists

Billy Hart, Jerry Bergonzi, Bill Evans, Gary Thomas, Daniel Humiar, Adam Nussbaum, James Genus, Till Brönner,
Markus Strickland, Dick Oats, Dejan Terzic, Eliel Lazlo, Moussa Diallo, Makadem, Mads Vinding, Hugo
Rasmussen, Mikkel Nordsø, Al Campos, Tomas Franck, Doug Raney, Frederik Kronkvist, Afonso Corea,....ect.
JW European Quartet "Directions & New Directions" Carl Winther Trio "Contact"
P-O Nillson feat. Markus Strickland "NOW" Winther/Illerhag/Mogensen
Carl Winther Quartet feat.Jerry Bergonzi "Sonic Shapes" Carl Winther Trio Live In Spain 2011
J.W. Electrazz
Winther/Åman/Mogensen feat. Jerry Bergonzi "Tetragonz" Anders Mogensen Trio "Just another day at the office"
Winther/Åman/Mogensen feat Garzone The Omen 2015
WInther/Åman/Mogensen feat Bergonzi/Garzone Quintonic 2014
Entrails United, 2014
Jerry Bergonzi Quintet, Dog Star ...

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Line up:
  • Pelle Von Bulow, guitar
  • Carl Winther, piano
  • Emil Brun, bas
  • Niclas Campagnol, trommer

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