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Koncert m. Niels Balle / Randi Holum

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Saturday 13th ogf July at 5 PM, 2019, the composer and pianist Niels Balle plays his compositions from his catalogue of music and a CD, released in autumn 2017.

The CD is called “The Mystery of Nature” (Gateway) and is a musical journey into the amazing Scandinavian and South-European nature with inspiration from Orvieto and the spectacular Amalfi-coast in Italy, Norwegian folksongs, diving near the island Bornholm – the sight of floating plants and the experience of the silence of the sea.

Most of the music on the CD is written by Niels Balle, but it also includes Norwegian folksongs and compositions by the Canadian trompet player Kenny Wheeler. At the concert he and Randi Holum will play music from the CD and from other CD’s.

Quotes from reviews of “The Mystery of Nature”(CD): Jazz Special, DK: “Niels Balle plays with a sound as beautiful and as aesthetically conscious as the super-pianists from ECM”.

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Line up:
  • NIELS BALLE, piano / keyboards - RANDI HOLUM, trompet / flygelhorn

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