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Koncert m. Søren Nørbo og Nils Bo Davidsen

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The pianist Søren Nørbo and the bassist and cellist Nils Bo Davidsen have collaborated for almost three decades on improvised music in various shapes and formats. Nørbo’s and Davidsen’s roots are planted solidly in both jazz and classical music tradition and Nørbo's detailed and open compositions form an inspiring framework for an expression that is both searching and rooted in a clear idiom.

The cello and the grand piano call for the virtues of classical music. Nevertheless, it is jazz and the free and improvised expression that is the duo's guiding star and it is its nerve and intensity and surprise moments that primarily characterize the music.

The excellent grand piano and acoustics of Frihavnskirken is a sublime place to experience the duo, so move a little away from the center and down the cobbled street on Østerbro.

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Line up:
  • Søren Nørbo, piano - Nils Bo Davidsen, cello

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