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Late Night Jam Sessions: Romme / Moseholm / Arndal feat. T. Franck

Montmartre has a distinguished tradition of jam sessions. In the 50s and 60s the stars took the stage after the scheduled concerts and continued the party. The tradition is continued during Copenhagen Jazz Festival, where the stars gather in all kinds of constellations and create completely unique moments.

This year's Late Night Jam Sessions are curated by a young, Danish trio consisting of Zier Romme on piano, Felix Moseholm on bass and Malthe Arndal on drums. Despite their young age, all three have cemented their names on the Danish jazz scene. Every night they will be joined by a special guest on horn and fire up a party at the jam sessions during this year's Copenhagen Jazz Festival.

With special guest Tomas Franck (Sax / DK)

Doors: 11:30PM
Entrance fee: DKK 80. Students/under 26: DKK 40

Buy tickets beforehand to skip queue.

Line up:
  • Zier Romme Larsen (Piano / DK)
  • Felix Moseholm (Bass / DK)
  • Malthe Arndal (Drums / DK)

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