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Bäckbrothers JazzTivoli Feat. Jakob Dinesen

Bebop/Hardbop DKK 80

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If Danish jazz has one genuine playboy, it must be 46-year old Jakob Dinesen – with a thick line under play. He and his sax and his good looks have romped around most of the world: Europe, Africa, Cuba, Thailand, USA, Japan and Australia. He has received just about every award a Danish musician can get – Grammys and soloist awards. When he saunters on stage, there are always a few moments of total concentration; then a crisp, searching sound emerges from the bell of his sax before starting up. Perhaps jumping straight into an improvisation, perhaps a loyal interpretation of whatever tune is on the agenda. Bäckbrothers and Jakob have collaborated on numerous occasions over the years and now it is a long awaited opportunity to meet again.

Line up:
  • Jakob Dinesen sax (dk), Anders Bäck sax (se), David Bäck pia (se), Samuel Olsson b (se), David Besiakov dr (dk),

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