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Lubos Soukup Quartet | Gårdhaven

Free admission

An international band playing original modern jazz.

Its leader, a composer and saxophonist, LubosSoukup has been working for many years on creating a band that would achieve balance in sophisticated well-crafted compositions and warm emotional playing. According to the reviews and audience reactions, his quartet has succeeded in giving attractive and amusing performances while keeping the quality of the music high.

The band has incorporated elements from different musical styles, such as odd meters, Peruvian rhythms, a classical music rubato approach, or Czech folk melodies. You can also find some references to jazz legends like Wayne Shorter or Sonny Rollins in their music. The strong, almost telepathic, connection between the band members allows them to be daring and to build up complex improvisation solos and interplays.

The quartet first formed in 2012 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The band has already released three albums — Beyond the ...

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Line up:
  • Luboš Soukup (CZ) – saxophone
  • William Larsson (SE) – piano
  • Morten Haxholm (DK) – double bass
  • Morten Hæsum (DK) - Drums

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