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Divine Beast Trio

Open Air Modern Traditional DKK 60 Kr - Daypass 100 kr ( 3 Koncerter + Jam )

This trio has set out to explore and renew the otherwise extinct threatened format - the guitar trio!
Three musical lovers have thrown themselves over the task with everything they have, without reservation and the result is not to stumble.

The repertoire is a mix of Duke Ellington songs and Niclas Knudsen compositions.
Well-known titles such as "I got it bad", "Caravan" and "Johnny come lately" amounts to classics like "Belzebup", "Brothers of Utopia" and "Old stride" and it does not go quietly. The dynamics and energy are at the center and barbaric thunderbolt goes naturally to quiet summer evenings, in a room where everything is allowed.
Guitarist and composer Niclas Knudsen is a well-known face on the Danish music scene and has played with people like Adam Nussbaum, John Tchicai, David Liebman, Ray Anderson, Billy Preston and Tom Jones. Ibrahim Electric, for whom he supplies most of the compositional material, he has toured intensively with in an...

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Line up:
  • Niclas Knudsen - Guitar
  • Johnny Åman - Bas
  • Anders Mogensen - Trommer

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