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Mavi Express | Gårdhaven

Free admission

Mavi Express is a Copenhagen-based quartet bringing together musicians with various nationalities and backgrounds. This is being projected in the music by incorporating folk traditions from the regions of Calabria (IT), Basque county (ES), South of France and Lithuania. With instruments such as bouzouki, violin, electric guitar, and percussion, the quartet explores a rather unique mix of lo-fi aesthetics, improvisation, noise rock, and folk music.
The colorful national backgrounds correspond with an open collaborative approach the musicians apply by working with other artists. During the previous year, the band has worked intensively together with two actors from Ankara's State Theater in Turkey to co-create a theatrical performance with live music- Sharp Thorn in Between. It premiered at Venice Theater Festival in 2018 where it was presented on two sold out nights in a row.
Admission is free and takes place in Huset-KBH's lovely courtyard.

Line up:
  • Jokūbas Ragauskas - vocals, guitar.
  • Salvatore Rizza - vocals, bouzouki, guitar, keyboards.
  • Zoé de Béchevel - violin, vocals, percussion.
  • Aitor Arragi - percusion, clarinet.

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