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FUSK trio

Open Air Modern Smooth Jazz Traditional Mainstream DKK 60 Kr - Daypass 100 kr ( 3 Koncerter + Jam )

“The music is a wonderful display of Kasper Tom's talent as a composer. His tunes are always somewhere between a catchy melodic theme and an open structure ideal for improvisation and exploration. Such incredible balance is quite rare and difficult to achieve and yet Kasper Tom manages to create these tunes

The band's sound may be best described by jazz critic Adam Baruch:

With astonishing ease and versatility. Handled by FUSK, these tunes playfully follow one after another effortlessly, although they are anything but trivial or easy on the ear. The incredible strength of this music lies exactly in the fusion of melodic approach and complex execution, which result in aesthetic pleasure experienced by the listener, often unaware of its ingredients.”

Line up:
  • Rudi Mahall, b-cl (DE),
  • Andreas Lang, bas (DK)
  • Kasper Tom, tr (DK)

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