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Miriam Mandipira feat. Troels Jensen og Thomas Puggaard-Müller

Free admission

As one of the greatest soul artists in Denmark, Miriam Mandipira performs with such glow and charisma that it is impossible not to be overwhelmed by her equilibristic phrasing, intense strength and heartfelt power ballads.
It is no exaggeration to say that the audience will be blown away by Miriam’s expressive voice, which will undoubtedly enter your ears as well as your soul. Whether Miriam sings as part of the DR Big Band or with this, her blues trio, she pours her whole heart and soul into each of her performances. She sings with every cell in her body, which gives the music life and expression at such a level that the sincerity of her soulful voice will touch every fiber of your being.
This particular performance will be reinforced by two of the Danish blues scene’s Grand Old Men. Troels Jensen and Thomas Puggard-Müller are the embodiment of Danish blues traditions and have both been part of the DELTA BLUES BAND, backed by some of the biggest names in internation...

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Line up:
  • Miriam Mandipira - vokal
  • Troels Jensen - guitar m.m.
  • Thomas Puggaard-Müller - guitar m.m.

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