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Horse Orchestra

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With Horse Orchestra the future of Danish jazz is secured
- Danish Music Awards Jazz 2015

Horse Orchestra is entirely its own thing. The band members come from Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Denmark, and they succeed in combining parts of the history of jazz with modern barrier-breaking musical experiments. In Horse Orchestra's universe classical 1920s New Orleans meet 1960s free jazz as well as hip-hop and modern classical music, and it all ends up in an original, post-post-modern style that has no equivalent on the Nordic jazz scene.
In 2018 the band released their third album, "Video EP 2018", a three-part music video about a witch and her dog who fail to conquer the world. At the moment the band is finishing an upcoming live album.

Erik Kimestad – trumpet
Ingimar Andersen – saxophones
Petter Hängsel – trombone
Kristian Tangvik – tuba
Jeppe Zeeberg – piano
Nicolai Kaas Claesson – bass <...

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Line up:
  • Erik Kimestad – trompet
  • Ingimar Andersen – saxofoner
  • Petter Hangsel – trombone
  • Kristian Tangvik – tuba
  • Jeppe Zeeberg – klaver
  • Nicolai Kaas Claesson – bas
  • Rune Lohse – trommer

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