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Waidtløw/Funch/Sørensen/Fog Quartet

Open Air Smooth Jazz Swing Traditional Mainstream DKK 60 Kr - Daypass 100 kr ( 3 Koncerter)

The quartet plays music from the standard repertoire. The inspiration is taken from among other things the 50's jazz scene, well as the modern one.
The music is evocative and challenges the listening audience who has the ear for this genre's musical color palette.
The music can be enjoyed by people of all ages and a super experience can be guaranteed.

Line up:
  • Albert Waidtløw (DK) - Guitar
  • Rasmus Sørensen (DK) - Klaver
  • Rune Fog (DK) - Kontrabas
  • Lasse Funch (DK) - Trommer

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