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Mimi Terris

Free admission

She is known as Sweden’s most expressive jazz singer, and with her folky and charming performance, she is certain to blow everyone away. At Brønshøj Torv, she invites everyone to join her on a unique musical journey through time and space.
In Mimi’s world, the lyrics are the core of her performance, where she combines different genres in a musical mix of 1960s jazz traditions, modern interpretations and everything in between. Mimi’s voice is so authentic that even her live performances sound like an old, vintage vinyl record. This classic exuberance makes her music and lively performances completely irresistible.
The sound of Mimi’s music reflects her Swedish charms, which we are familiar with from other Swedish singers like Lisa Ekdahl, Monica Zetterlund and Lill Lindfors.
This bubbly and original performance is surely going to blow you off your feet, when Mimi enthralls the whole city to find their inner jazzy soul and lively spark of joy.

Line up:
  • Mimi Terris - vokal
  • Mattias Carlson - sax/klarinett
  • Måns Persson - Guitar
  • Johan Ohlsson - accordion/piano
  • Mats Ingvarsson - kontrabas
  • Kristoffer Rostedt - trommer

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