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Debasish Ganguly / Mads Egetoft / Yohan Ramon | Husets Biograf

Husets Biograf presents a program for the Copenhagen Jazz Festival consisting of intimate conserts in duo- and trio formats. Lean back in the theatre-seats, get comfortable and enjoy the music up close.

The evening in question, Indian sitar-maestro Debasish Ganguly will meet up with one of Copenhagen's hottest experimental underground sax-players Mads Egetoft for an evening of hypnotic interplay, improvisation and musical genre crossing. The two talented musicians will meet up for the forth time, however, this time joined by Cuban percussionist Yohan Ramon.

Line up:
  • Debasish Ganguly - sitar
  • Mads Egetoft - saxofon
  • Yohan Ramon - percussion

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