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Der var engang...i Mali - Moussa Diallo Trio

Free admission

A musical adventure for children, parents, grandparents and kids of all ages.
The night has fallen upon Mali. The sky is lit up by the moon and the stars, and in the village of Koulikoro, the children are listening intently. Stories about the brave ladybug Kimi Komo; about the rooster Karato and the lizard Kanou; and about the dangerous lion that is so hungry, it could eat a goat. Moussa Diallo has played at countless children’s concerts, where he lets the playful tales from his childhood get recreated as magical stories for the kids to hear.
In a mix of song and music, Diallo brings the old tales to life and thereby revives the feeling he had, when the elders in his village told them to him. The telling of old stories, passed down from generation to generation, is a tradition that can be found in all countries and cultures around the world, which is what makes Diallo’s musical performance so engaging.
Adventurous stories filled with mischievous and surprising ...

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Line up:
  • Moussa Diallo -fortæller, vokal, bas
  • Preben Carlsen - guitar
  • Salieu Dibba - percussion

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