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Toner og Tungemål - Jazzgudstjeneste

Free admission

According to the tale of the Tower of Babel from the Book of Genesis, all people on Earth once spoke a common language, but God’s intervention put a stop to this by introducing different languages and tongues. Is it possible to rediscover the human connection, even when we don’t necessarily understand each other?
Join this intense sermon at Brønshøj Kirke, where the priest will mix his words with musical improvisation. Together, we will create a connectedness that will span across time, language and bible text.

Line up:
  • Special guests: Melissa Stylianou & Ike Sturm (US)
  • Palle Kongsgaard - præst og vokal
  • Anders Banke - sax/klarinet/fløjte
  • Anders Fjeldsted - kontrabas
  • Bjørn Heebøll - tromme
  • Martin Seier - klaver/keyboards

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