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"Kind of Soul" – Late Night Concert, Jam Session and DJs

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The "Kind of Soul" Late-Night Session is a new initiative in the jazz festival, which during the late night hours brings together the festival's best musicians for concert and jam session with roots in afro, soul and jazz music. Lars Vissing (trumpet, DK) and Bastian Sjelberg (bass, DK), are in charge of the house band, which among others includes DJ Steen Rock (Nobody Beats The Beats). Hip hop, afro, funk and jazz vinyls are the foundation where live instruments joins in and new music is created in the present.
The evening will feature some of the best soul singers in Denmark, and invite to a huge jam-bash, where the most elaborate of the festival's musicians will gather and create one of the jazz festival's most exciting scenes.

An evening with Kind of Soul offers love to all the genres around jazz. Bastian Sjelberg and Lars Vissing have for many years been strongly represented on the danish music scene and have united genres as jazz, afro, soul, latin...

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Line up:
  • Kristoffer Sjelberg, trommer

  • Mads Michelsen, trommer og perc.

  • Heine Hansen, piano/keys
  • Bastian Sjelberg, bas

  • Claus Waidtløv, sax
  • Lars Vissing, trompet
  • Steen Rock, dj, electronics
  • Thøger Dixgaard, Erann DD, Mark Linn, guest-vocals

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