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Strange Brothers (DK)

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In 1976 Strange Brothers was formed by Simon Spang-Hanssen, Peter Danstrup and Ole Rømer. Later the same year the group won 1st price at the International Jazz Festival in Dunkerque, France, and shortly after saxophone legend John Tchicai joined the band. Critics called the band ‘the white swan of Danish jazz’ and gradually the band evolved around John Tchicai’s many international activities – Tchicai was like a nomad living several places in Europe and USA. The band members were a part of the international entourage of musicians around him in bands like New Jungle Orchestra and John Tchicai Group. After the death of Tchicai in 2012 the brothers began picking up the old tunes, combining them with new compositions and invited the younger trumpet player Kasper Tranberg to join in. After that they never looked back and the band is now known as one of the most exuberant bands on the jazz scene: a sparkling front and a rhythm group that hasn’t skipped a beat for more than 40 year...

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Line up:
  • Simon Spang-Hanssen: saxophones, flute
  • Kaper Tranberg: trumpet, cornet
  • Peter Danstrup: acoustic bass guitar
  • Ole Rømer: drums

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