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Maniscalco / Bigoni / Solborg (DK/ITA)

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"Imagine a contemporary chamber ensemble with some dirt in it - a small choir where each voice raises from the ground. A potentially-folk project."

This trio is about knowing the music well enough to navigate freely and improvise, as a unit, with and around the written material. To instantly react freely to each other and create music with authenticity and presence. A musical attitude that the group has worked intensely on in recent years. The debut album holds a poetic and very melodic chamber musical expression contrasted by textures, preparations and microtonality. An almost architectural blend of abstraction and warmth is a strong ambition and trademark of the group. This music does not care about genre or style. It is essentially about musical conversation and made for ears interested in dialogue.

Maniscalco/Bigoni/Solborg is approaching a new recording session and its third release in 2020. The trio's first two albums have been warmly welcomed by aud...

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Line up:
  • Emanuele Maniscalco - piano
  • Francesco Bigoni - tenor saxophone, clarinet
  • Mark Solborg - guitar

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