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The Firebirds (DK)

Fusion DKK Afternoon shows at 16:30 - 50 DKK / Evening shows from 20:00 - 120 DKK / All day - 150 DKK / Partout - 750 DKK - unlimited acces

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The Firebirds are the three Danish improvising musicians Anders Banke, Anders Filipsen and Stefan Pasborg.
The Firebirds experiment by mixing pieces which the audience only knows as symphonies for large orchestras, ’zoom in’ and play parts of it for just three musicians. They use references from divergent musical styles such as jazz, surf, improvisation, blues a.o. It’s their agenda to discover what music can and cannot do: Can you play ’Sabre Dance’ as a medium-blues-shuffle?!? The music is delivered with a deep respect for the originals and a serious take on the interpretations – but, also with a great deal of humor.
The three musicians have been featured in numerous projects and toured worldwide with groups and musicians like Ibrahim Electric, New Jungle Orchestra, Traveling Tribes, Tomasz Stanko, Marc Ducret and John Tchicai.

Line up:
  • Anders Banke : saxophone, clarinet
  • Anders Filipsen : keys
  • Stefan Pasborg : drums

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