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Ericson / Klapper / Fite + Joe Williams (SE/CZ/US)

Free Jazz DKK Afternoon shows at 16:30 - 50 DKK / Evening shows from 20:00 - 120 DKK / All day - 150 DKK / Partout - 600 DKK

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Improv with direct connection to the roots. Martin Klapper was participating already in the 90-ies in Derek Bailey´s Company Weeks. An important constellation through the years has been his duo with Roger Turner - “Resourseful these fellows - aren´t they” - as the mighty Derek Bailey said, with a typical british understatement.
Niklas Fite is the new sensation on the scene, and those who haven´t heard the way he can treat a guitar yet can only look forward to this. He has already made experiences with people like Sven-Åke Johansson, Tristan Honsinger and John Russell.
Sture Ericson ia a wellknown voice in DK as well as internationally. Can be heard with his great variety of sounds in working bands as The Electrics (w/ Axel Dörner, Joe Williamson, Raymond Strid) and Bagman (w/ Pat Thomas, Raymond Strid).
Guest: Joe Williamson - bass; highly in demand in Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Stockholm - playing regularly with people like Ab Baars, Tobias Delius, Han B...

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Line up:
  • Sture Ericson- sax
  • Martin Klapper - amplifed objects, toys
  • Niklas Fite - guitar, banjo
  • Special guest: Joe Williamson - bass

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