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Highlife Night with Brekete Sounds

World/Folk DKK 100 kr. Students 50. kr.

No advance tickets

By Special delight, Brekete Sounds will serve its audience some "Palmwine Highlife" music from Ghana.

The band has been researching the rich Ghanaian musical heritage, while adding their own creativity to the original materials, making them relevant to contemporary musical forms "that's resonating and relieving, making you feel the beat and move your feet".

Line up:
  • Sam Takyi- Acoustic Guitar/Lead Vocal,
  • Isaac Arkaifie- Percussion/backing vocal,
  • Vicktor Bøsling – Harmonica,
  • Alfred Tamakloe- Idiophones/backing vocal,
  • Emmanuel Stevens Obosu – Electric Guitar/backing vocal
  • Fintan O’hare - Keyboards
  • Jens Peter -Møller- Bass guitar,
  • Tobias Havskov Sørensen-Drums

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