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Anna Högberg Attack (SE)

Free admission

the raw suggestive music sets out from compositions by Anna Högberg, saxophone player in Fire! Orchestra, Doglife, and other groups. six musicians from the Swedish jazz and impro-scene sculpt a sound that caresses and claws all at once. The expressive possibilities and the freedom of articulation are what is most important, and the compositions allow the musicians plenty of room to bloom. In February 2016 the band released its debut album on OMLOTT records and the record has already been hailed, in Sweden and internationally. the album was awarded "album of the year" in european free jazz collective blog 2016.

Line up:
  • Anna Högberg - saxofoner og kompositioner
  • Elin Larsson - saxofoner
  • Niklas Barnö - trompet
  • Lisa Ullén - piano
  • Elsa Bergman - bas
  • Anna Lund - trommor

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