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Cockpit Music

Avantgarde DKK 60

Cockpit Music plays experimental music – a mxiture of free form jazz, rock, chamber music, and other elements. Strict compsitions mixed with improvisations.

Cockpit Music was formed in 1978 and is still going strong with the original lineup:
Thorsten Høeg: Saxophones.
Søren Tarding: Guitars.
Pere Oliver Jørgens: Drums, Marimba, Vibes, Steeldrums +
a van full of other percussion instruments.

Both Jørgens and Høeg had been members of John Tchicai’s Festival Band which disbanded in 1977.
For a short period in 1977/78 Jørgens and Høeg continued to perform under this name – now as a trio – with Tarding on guitar, but quite soon the group got it’s name & brand – Cockpit Music – a name taken from P.O. Jørgens’s studio, which (at that time) was built just to have room enough for a drum kit and a guitar amplifier – with a saxophonist squeezed in between.

The Music:

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Line up:
  • TS Høeg - saxofoner
  • Søren Tarding - guitar
  • PO Jørgens - trommer, perc

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