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Gunde on Garner

Benwebster prize winner 2017 plays at the Drop Inn
GUNDE ON GARNER has been around since the pianist Henrik Gunde and
bassist Nicolas Kock together with drummer Steen Holm began to
moved in an Erroll Garner universe. Since 2010, drummer Karsten Bagge
been stuck in the trio. Together they have taken the master Garner's swinging and
outgoing style to himself, and appeared with a repertoire consisting mainly of
original Garner events. But in recent years, the trio has more chosen to play in
Garner's spirit, based on his own arrangements of both Danish and foreign songs - melodies that Garner either did not know, or got to know, but which he might well have liked to take care of, if he
had lived today.
It is GUNDE ON GARNER's thought to follow up on what Garner did, namely take
starting from the good melody, regardless of where it comes from; Whether it comes from jazz, the rock or the world of pop is absolutely irreleva...

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Line up:
  • Henrik Gunde piano
  • Nicolas Kock Bass
  • Carsten Bagge Drums

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