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Pierre Dørge & New Jungle Orchestra – 40 år i junglen

Anniversary concert with Pierre Dørge and New Jungle Orchestra!
Pierre Dørge & New Jungle Orchestra have enriched the Danish music scene ever since the 1980s. Now the orchestra is celebrating its 40th anniversary at The Black Diamond, where everything suggests there is going to be a rip-roaring concert, full of new works and improvisations plus a number of old jungle hits.
With inspiration from both bigband jazz and world music, the ensemble, with guitarist and composer Pierre Dørge at the helm, has created its own distinctive musical universe. Particularly known for its live performances, where a spontaneous presence is created by the interaction between the conductor, the musicians and the audience. The music, full of contrasts, switches from painful beauty to effervescent joie de vivre, from strict, thoroughly composed sequences to free-wheeling, imaginative numbers that are carried forward by raw, rhythmic grooves.
For this special evening, the orchestra ha...

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Line up:
  • Josephine Cronholm (vokal)
  • Shashank Subramanyam (fløjte)
  • Dawda Jobarteh (sang og kora)
  • Pierre Dørge (dirigent & guitar)
  • Gunnar Halle (trompet)
  • Jakob Mygind (sopr. & ten.sax)
  • Anders Banke (klarinet, basklarinet & ten.sax)
  • Kenneth Agerholm (trombone)
  • Irene Becker (piano & synthesizer)
  • Thommy Andersson (kontrabas)
  • Ayi Solomon (afrikansk perkussion)
  • Martin Andersen (trommer)

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