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Copenhagen Trashzzfestival 2021 Day 1

A very warm welcome to the 11th edition of the Trashzzfestival. We are on track providing some of the most interesting outgoing shows in town as well as keeping everything at cheap prices.
Come in for three shows a night and a killer-vibe with cheap beer and hangout.

Danish noise act Laser nun put out two praised records through the legendary label Insula Music and created the a emblematic multi-speaker performance for Elias Church in 2017. Lately they have been working with guests always trying to expand their tribal trance-noise. Consisting of profilic drummer Anders Vestergaard and guitarist Lars Bech Pilgaard you can except a cleansing of mind and soul.

Since the age of 19 Christian Windfeld has build an international career touring all over Europe, North America and Australia and lived in Aarhus, Stockholm, and Berlin.
Windfeld has a minimalist but highly expressive approach to the percussive instruments often reducing his set-up to fo...

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Line up:
  • 19.00: Doors
  • 20.00: Laser nun(Tribal hyper-explosive madness )
  • 21.00: Christian Windfeld solo( ingenius intimate explorations of the soul of sound only for percussion)
  • 22.00: Sølvfisk( Meet your in-laws , get naked and dance!)

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