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Oppenhagen/Hyllested: Realms

Laurits Hyllested and Rasmus Oppenhagen Krogh have joined forces to put together a solid band for an exclusive night. Everyone musician involved has an infinetely open musical mind, rootet in their individual, strong voices. The group reflects musicians with a background in different environments, like performing arts, jazz, classical-, electronic music- and impro music. The project is the result of a longer proces, in which Oppehagen and Hyllested each have contributed with sketches. In this way, they have formed the foundation of this musical meeting.

Line up:
  • Simon Toldam
  • Rasmus Juncker
  • Kasper Tranberg
  • Anja Tietze Lahrmann
  • Rasmus Oppenhagen Krogh
  • Laurits Hyllested

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