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Frk. Jacobsen præsenterer: I/O - en koncert i 9 scener | Xenon Residency

I/O is characteristic for Frk. Jacobsens world, where she mixes advanced rhythmical experiments with a cosmic text which incorporates thoughts from the antique world. I/O is a musical myth about the creative and destructive forces within mankind’s digital and physical world. The concert unfolds like a stylized play consisting of 9 acts, which indicate where vi finds ourselves: by the cherry tree, in the garden, and the foot of the tree, on the field, at the gate, in the garden in the year 2070, in the greenhouse, in the forest, on the forest floor. The audience travel with I/O’s sister Mira through a changing landscape in the search of I/O.

About Frk. Jacobsen:

Frk. Jacobsen is a project by composer and musician Anja Jacobsen, which saw the light in 2013 with the release of the critically acclaimed EP ‘Lobsters’. For a number of years, Anja Jacobsen has been part of the experimental underground music scene in Copenhagen. She has been involved wit...

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Line up:
  • Anja Jacobsen - trommer, vokal
  • Ida Duelund - bas, kor
  • Lil Lacy - keyboard, kor
  • Lars Bech Pilgaard - guitar
  • Sara Laub og Sofie Alsbo - tekstscenografi og lys
  • Sara Hamming - dramaturgi

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