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Lasse Schjerning Quartet feat. Richard Sears/Ned Ferm/AC (US/DK)

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Lasse Schjerning Quartet feat. Sears/Ferm/AC is a modern contemporary project that involves four of the finest musicians from Scandinavia and the United States - all with truly unique individual voices on their instruments. The band is formed by the Copenhagen based drummer Lasse Schjerning, who always had the sound of these musicians and their sounds in his head.

The compositions are written specifically for the musicians in the group, catering to their unique and individual sound.

“Richard, Ned and Anders have always been some of my favorite musicians and composers in the world and they have formed me musically and compositionally. Writing songs with them in mind is so motivating, inspiration and a constant learning process, “ Lasse Schjerning says.

Anders AC Christensen (bass) and Ned Ferm (sax) are two well-known musicians on the european jazz scene and needs no introduction. They have played together in various legendary constella...

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Line up:
  • Lasse Schjerning trommer
  • Anders AC Christensen bas
  • Ned Ferm saxofon
  • Richard Sears Piano (NY)

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