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Ben Chawes

The singer and piano player Ben Chawes has since his critically acclaimed debut album been on a lage scale tout in Europ, Asia, USA and Canada. With his timeless and sparkling personal bid on vocal jazz/soul/pop in the international league he is one of the few musicians to have sung their way to Ray Charles’ heart. And he is the first musician ever to have signed an exclusive sponsorship deal with prestigious Bang & Olufsen.

Ben Chawes combines the subtleties of jazz with the accessibility of pop and the warm glow of soul music and creates his own laid back and the present universe. One is drawn to Chawes’ deep warm voice and his wondrous present songs, that with a subtle charm, reflects a mature man's view of love and its challenges.

With him are Morten Lundsby on bass and Michael Strange on drums, both of whom have a longer career behind them. including collaboration with Jamie Cullum, Jacob Fischer, Ankerstjerne and others.

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Line up:
  • Ben Chawes (p og v )
  • Michael Strange (d)
  • Morten Lundsby (b)

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