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Simon Krebs/Richard Andersson/Anders Mogensen

With Anders Mogensen's characteristic and energetic drumming and Simon Krebs' virtuoso guitar skills, this trio - together with Tårnby bassist Richard Andersson - travels into each other's compositions. The sound is modern, New York-inspired jazz that swings and surprises with melodic and rhythmic twists. Guitarist Simon Krebs is relatively undescribed in Danish jazz, although he has released two records in his own name with i.a. Kasper Tranberg and Anders Mogensen. He is melodicly and rhythmicly superior and draws inspiration in everything from modern jazz to church music. Anders Mogensen is an extremely active jazz drummer who since returning home from his education at Berkeley in the USA has played and toured with a myriad of Danish and international stars. In recent years, he has been particularly active with his quartet with Carl Winther, Johnny Åman and Jerry Bergonzi. Mogensen has also helped to educate young jazz musicians in Denmark and arrange numerous festivals etc.

Line up:
  • Simon Krebs, g
  • Richard Andersson, b
  • Anders Mogensen, dr