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Brønshøj Sommer Jazz Experimental v. Noisy Beehive

Experimental DKK 60

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Brønshøj-based art collective Noisy Beehive presents Cordoba and Preisaite’s duo who will play with the various objects, voices and movements - interacting with water tower‘s ambience and creating textural, spacial, spontaneous experience.

Ginte Preisaite - Lithuanian pianist /composer/ songwriter at the moment residing at Copenhagen (RMC) and exploring the local scene by playing and creating with various experimental/jazz/contemporary music scene artists. Recently, under the name “baraboro”, she released her debut album “coatlicue’s dreams” where the artist collected various snippets from everyday life (voices, noises, instruments) manipulating it with electronics and thus questioning the relation between the synthetic and natural aspects of the world.

Ignacio Cordoba - A small person from a small village in the mountains of Madrid who, because of the punk scene, lost touch with reality through tours and trips around the world with and...

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Line up:
  • Gitte Preisaite- pianist & komponist
  • Ignacio Cordoba elektronik

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