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Elektrisk Ål

Modern Experimental World/Folk Funk/Soul DKK 80 kr. i forsalg / 100 kr. i døren

Elektrisk Ål is a very ancient creature, coming out of an ancestral futuristic world, it flows in the "current" of tropical waters.
From Copenhagen the Elektrisk Ål will take you on tropical adventures charged with electrifying rhythms.
Electric eels inhabit fresh waters of the Amazon and Orinoco River basins in South America, in floodplains, swamps, creeks, small rivers, and coastal plains. They often live on muddy bottoms in calm or stagnant water.
The species is so unusual that it has been reclassified several times. When originally described by Carl Linnaeus in 1766, he used the name Gymnotus electricus, placing it in the same genus as Gymnotus carapo (banded knifefish) which he had described several years earlier. It was only about a century later, in 1864, that the electric eel was moved to its own genus Electrophorus by Theodore Gill.
Later the electric eel was considered sufficiently distinct to have its own family, Electrophoridae.

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