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Ericson/Klapper/Fite feat. Raymond Strid (SE/GB)

Experimental Free Jazz DKK Afternoon 17:00 - 50 DKK · Evening shows starting 20:00 - 120 DKK · All day 150 · Partout (9 days) - 600 DKK

We have the great honour to present Roger Turner in 5e Copenhagen. Turner counts as one of the most important european free drummers along with fx Paul Lovens, John Stevens, Paul Lytton and Tony Oxley. Through many years he has been performing with sublime sharpness, instantaneous imagination and split second speed, notably in duos with Phil Minton and John Russell.
This is a new chapter in an ongoing story: Klapper & Turner has a longstanding duo since many years, Ericson and Klapper has performed with Turner along with Phil Minton, and Fite has played with him in different constellations in Germany. A unique possibility for You to hear this marvelous musician perform his magic live here in Kødbyen Vesterbro!!!

Line up:
  • Raymond Strid - drums
  • Sture Ericson - assorted saxophones
  • Martin Klapper - low fi electronics & amplified objects
  • Niklas Fite - guitar, banjo

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