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Kresten Osgood Trio (DK/US)

Experimental Free Jazz DKK Afternoon 17:00 - 50 DKK · Evening shows starting 20:00 - 120 DKK · All day 150 · Partout (9 days) - 600 DKK

The Kresten Osgood trio brings together 3 of the most distinctive voices
on the Copenhagen scene: Anders Filipsen, Ned Ferm and Kresten Osgood.
The group has existed for 7years and put out a vinyl release (their first) in 2016. it is a
live concert from Nefertiti in Göteborg, broadcasted by Swedish Radio,
where the music was especially exciting.
This is expressive and total free improvisation played by the best.
be there for this rare concert of a monster trio

Line up:
  • Anders Filipsen: Piano
  • Ned Ferm: Saxophone
  • Kresten Osgood: Drums

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