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Søren Kjærgaard Solo (DK)

Free Jazz DKK Afternoon 17:00 - 50 DKK · Evening shows starting 20:00 - 120 DKK · All day 150 · Partout (9 days) - 600 DKK

Søren Kjærgaard has worked in-depth with the solo performance across both acoustic piano and digital code-based keyboard settings. As a solo performer he investigates a multilayered field of potential within the natural limitations of the solo piano format by expanding the ranges of speed, dynamics and structures of form. Through this approach Kjærgaard seeks to open up a dialogic interplay within the seeming solitude of the solo format, by firing up the tactile relations between player–piano, body–instrument, action–response. Kjærgaard's artistic practice also crosses into other disciplinary territories and his recent artistic research project, Multilayeredness In Solo Performance, led to the development of a new code-based audio-visual sampler instrument called the Video Keyboard. However, this concert is focused around the acoustic (upright) piano in close proximity to the audience.

Line up:
  • Søren Kjærgaard - Piano

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