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Still Water Stone feat. Peet Morrison

Modern Experimental Free Jazz DKK 110 kr. voksen billet ( +9.12 gebyr)/ 60 kr students (+7.24 gebyr) (MobilePay/Cash only)

Still Water Stone opens a musical space that invites for immersion and presence. The music has drawn spiritual and sound inspiration from the present and the tradition, a fusion of Nordic nature and oriental intensity.

The trio plays original compositions and with echoes from jazz, ethnic and modern new music, reflects some of life's small and large events and experiences, where we as humans can find community and cohesion.

Morten Ginnerup (Piano, Cahon, Vocal) is a modern Nordic jazz pianist, composer with roots in northwest Jutland, at the bottom of the Limfjord. Morten's compositions and musical expression are enriched by his meeting and interplay with musicians from different nations in the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark, as well as his own unique inner voice inspired by an upbringing close to the nature.
Morten has recorded and toured with among others, Tomas Franck, Morten Lundsby, Martin Andersen, Ingrid Jensen (CA), John Marshall (US), A...

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Line up:
  • Morten Ginnerup (Klaver, Cahon, Vokal)
  • Peet Morrison (Cello)
  • Rachel Yatzkan (Saxofoner, Klarinet, Fløjter, Vokal)

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