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Jacob Anderskov Resonance

Modern Experimental 21st Century Jazz DKK 100 DKK / Stud. 50 DKK

No advance tickets

The ensemble mixes a post-jazz & improvisation background with notated writing for 3 classially trained musicians. The constantly explorative Anderskov creates a soundscape in which the texture and timbre of the strings become a fully integrated part of the music instead of the superimposed role often delegated to strings in jazz and improvised music.
Lately, Jonas Westergaard has joined the band, charting new directions for the music. The result is a wonderful trialogue between the strings, the imaginative pianist and the colourful and richly nuanced playing by bass and drums, creating fascinating textural music. 

Line up:
  • Karen Johanne Pedersen, violin
  • Mette Brandt, viola
  • Ida Nørholm, cello
  • Jacob Anderskov, piano
  • Jonas Westergaard, kontrabas
  • Peter Bruun, drums

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