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Tomasz Dabrowski/AC/Kasper Tom

Experimental Free Jazz Avantgarde DKK 1 koncert: 80 DKK (10 €) 2 koncerter: 120 DKK (15€) Hele dagen: 200 DKK (25€) Billetter sælges kun i døren.

No advance tickets

This trio comprises of 3 of the most significant musicians in European Jazz. Trumpeter Tomasz Dabrowski is considered on of the most interesting players of his instrument, alwyas pushing the limits and finding new ways of expression. His virtuosic attack combined with his intrinsic lyricism, turn his trumpet into a seemingly unlimited tool able to express an enormously diverse set of emotions, from a whisper to a shout, from anger to joy, despair to mellow melancholy.

Dabrowski and drummer Kasper Tom have a long standing and very fruiful musical relationship. The two worked together in numerous projects: Free4Arts, Hunger Pangs, Kasper Tom 5 and FUSK, resulting in a bunch of critically acclaimed albums.

NOW! For the first time, they meet up with legendary bassist Anders ”AC” Christensen, who played with EVERYBODY because he is such an extremely great musician!

Together the trio of Tomasz Dabrowski, AC and Kasper Tom will make your heart...

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Line up:
  • Tomasz Dabrowski - trumpet
  • AC - double bass
  • Kasper Tom - drums

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