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El Khat (INT) + Nuri (TN)

El Khat (INT)

Dismantling lyrics, melodies and compositions from Yemeni folk songs, El Khat delve intouncharted sonic territory updating Yemen's ancient culture. Using an orchestra of instruments old and new, many repurposed from junk objects and turned into instruments that sound similar to traditional Arabic and North African lutes and percussion, El Khat have imagined an indelible stamp of polyphonic, harmony soaked, pan-Arabic masterwork. The overarching concept within El Khat’s show is band leader Eyal's sense of identity, or lack of it, as a Yemeni Jew living in Tel Aviv. The live show is the rewards of a self imposed mission to discover his Yemeni roots. It incorporates many free and improvised elements, making each performance unique. El Khat are a four piece band from Tel Aviv, all with different backgrounds – Iraq, Poland, Morocco and Yemen.

Nuri (TN)

Nuri is the artist name of Mohamed Amine Ennouri, a producer and percussionis...

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