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Grafiske Mutationer

Modern Experimental Avantgarde DKK 1 koncert: 80 DKK (10 €) 2 koncerter: 120 DKK (15€) Hele dagen: 200 DKK (25€) Billetter sælges kun i døren.

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This quartet is put together to play Sven Dam Meinlds graphic scores. That’s all they will do.
The Thundermouse spins off. Open compositions. Sonic survival strategies.

Named after a series of concerts, 6 nights in the Copenhagen club Mayhem, where the scores were performed by various constelations like octet, quartet, trio, duo, solo and choir.

This specific quartet brings together four musicians with extraordinary abilities. Playing on both humor and vulnerability Graphic Mutations is projecting the sounds of many futures.

Barefoot Records label-fest!

Look forward to get inspired, touched, surprised and challenged, when the artist-collective Barefoot Records for the 12th year in a row invites to a small exclusive festival inside the Copenhagen Jazz Festival. The charming old courtyard of Galleri Krebsen in the very centre of Copenhagen is the perfect frame to open up your ears with a beer in your hand. The programm...

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Line up:
  • Sven Dam Meinild: Saxofon, elektronik
  • Anne Andersson: Trompet
  • Julija Morgan: Violin
  • Szymon Pimpon Gąsiorek: trommer

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