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Blues Smooth Jazz Swing Vocal Funk/Soul DKK 110 kr. voksen ( +9.12 gebyr)/ 60 kr students (+7.24 gebyr) (MobilePay/Cash only)

JUSTUS2 paint their canvas of standards, soul, blues and originals with brilliant hues and strong sunsets. Each song becomes theirs and they take you on a ride through their deep green forest to find the red heart and soul of the music. Their style is reminiscent of Tuck and Patti. JUSTUS2 *'s mood is always love, and each tone is a complement to each other's artistry.

From Ella to Aretha and Mahalia with a taste of Jessye. DeBorah is a singer from the heart. Classical and Jazzy Blues tones mixed with a display of acoustic sultry sounds and movement, Jazz improvisation and stylized song made popular by The Greats with the deep soul of the gospel are always waiting to be shown in the next sentence. DeBorah's expression range is as wide as her range of octaves.

Francesco Cigna is influenced by guitar players such as: Jimmy Raney, Wes Montgomery and Grant Green as well
as other instrumentalists like; Charlie Parker, John Coltrane and ...

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Line up:
  • DeBorah Vocals
  • Francesco Cigna Guitar

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