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John Tchicai's Book Launch Celebration

Experimental Free Jazz Fusion Special Projects DKK 110 kr. voksen ( +9.12 gebyr)/ 60 kr students (+7.24 gebyr)

***The concert is located in the library under Støberiet***

John Tchicai's biography is a collage of life story, poems, music charts and many expressive photos about a freedom-loving musician, composer and teacher who was a pioneer throughout his inspiring life.

Author bio: Margriet Naber is a musician, astrologer and mindfulness teacher from the Netherlands. She was married to and collaborated with John Tchicai for 20 years. In 2006 she published her CD "Colored Air".

Long book description:
John Tchicai: A chaos with some kind of order is the story of a pioneering saxophonist, composer and teacher of jazz music and improvisation, an artist who wanted his music to contribute to 'a better realization of the oneness of all beings'.
Just as Tchicai (1936-2012) married improvisation with composition in his music, so he found a balance between chaos and order in his long and inspiring life. A mixed-race kid in Denmark ...

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Line up:
  • Pierre Dørge: Guitar
  • Irene Becker: Piano
  • Magriet Naber: Piano
  • Peter Danstrup: Bass
  • Simon Spang Hanssen: Sax
  • Katrine Suwalski: Sax
  • Karsten Vogel: Sax
  • Ayi Solomon: Percussion
  • Ole Rømer: Drums
  • Benita Haastrup: Drums
  • Kresten Osgood: Drum
  • Thorsten Høeg Poet
  • Photo by Gorm Valentin

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